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Bob Dylan is turning 70, and here we all come: the writers, the critics, the biographers, the song-quoters--and not one of us with a cake or a candle. Each of us thinks we know how best to celebrate the changeling who has changed our lives. Dylan has been called the voice of a generation. It's true. He's given voice to generations of writers who say he inspired them. If every person has a book in them, it seems every writer has a Dylan book--or at least an essay--in them.

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They are awful and wonderful and from another world. From the reliable and wonderful Twitter feed of @jessebdylan a link to this photo collection on cracktwo:

As those of you who read my risk series will remember, a general told me the difference between knowing when you're taking a risk and a gamble is that with a risk you can recover if you fail. With a gamble, there's no going back. Watching president Obama's interview with 60 minutes I was struck that twice he used this construction.

When Obama was asked what his final line of thinking was before he made the call he said: "If Murphy's Law happens, can we still get our guys out?" He then doubled back to this "if I send them in, can I get them out."

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