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Primary (1960)

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I almost re-watched all of Robert Drew's Primary over again the other day. It's a favorite of mine. I particularly like this clip of punditry gone wrong. Kennedy can't win Wisconsin. Until he can.

I love this collection of photos. I spent 20 minutes distracted by them when I had important things to do. Once again, I'm struck by the power of photography to transport us in the middle of our work day. One minute I'm looking at the latest CBS poll and the next I'm in the fields Tiblisi Georgia.

I wrote about this before in a post entitled "intimate desktop photography" which gets quite a lot of Google hits. I think people who get to the post are really disappointed to not find one damn frilly thing.

Everyone was out of town this weekend which allowed me to play the opening riff of Blackbird over and over for 20 minutes, but it also gave me a chance to gorge on podcasts. I listened to them while I organized the garage, cleaned long neglected parts of the house, worked out and drove to and from my interactions with the outside world.


In addition to my regulars here are three new favorites:


Berkeley's History 5, the history of Europe from Renaissance to the present. The course is taught by Carla Hesse who is direct, charming and alive. I even liked listening to her housekeeping section at the start of her first lecture because in it she outlined how to learn. "Don't be frustrated by weirdness," she said." Weirdness is the moment when you learn something." Carla Hesse


KCRW's To the Point on the Bush tax cuts, the deficit and the election. I like Warren Olney. I've been on his show. That's not why I'm recommending this. He had good guests and touched on all the important political and economic issues. The section on electric cars was a bonus.


David Hacket Fischer talks about George Washington's crossing of the Delaware as a part of the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History podcast series. Perhaps I liked this because I know so little about this period.


I downloaded all of these through iTunesU but you can also get them from their various web sites.