Movies to Watch with the Kids Part 1

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Update: Second part of the list is here.

Every Saturday night we watch a movie with the kids. It's their one television event during the week and getting the pick right is tough.The whole family agrees that Looney Tunes are our collective favorite but we can't do that every week.

 I wish someone had given me a list of films that appeal to kids under 10. Here are some films that we've liked. It's a very fast list. The films are all pretty safe (not a lot of excessive suspense that our daughter can't handle and not a lot of cheap jokes and attitude that sap the creative impulse). There are lots of films we've seen that aren't on this list and some I've forgotten.

I'll add to this list later as I think of films that worked. If you've got your own suggestions please send them my way:

Animal Crackers
That Darn Cat

Music Man

101 Dalmations


Over the Hedge

Apple Dumpling Gang

Escape from Witch Mountain


My Friend Totoro

Snow Buddies

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Horton Hears a Who

Finding Nemo



The Iron Giant

The Princess Bride (almost didn't make the list for the rodents of unusual size scene which put our daughter on the ceiling)

Singin' in the Rain

The Sound of Music

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