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Twitter Wit

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Twitter Wit: Brilliance in 140 Characters or Less

This book is filled with lots of actual laugh out loud comments. Two are mine. They do not fall in that category.
Would someone please create a flash animation time-line of U.S. history sorted by event weight. So you'd probably start with the constitution then maybe the Civil War, then maybe Pearl Harbor. I wonder how we'd start determining weight once we got to the 12th or 14th event.
Many suggestions across a wide variety of topics. We've done this and it works even though I thought it would ruin the bread.

Buying fresh, non-processed bread and freezing half the loaf If you're like us, you're often at the crossroads of a bread conundrum. On the one hand, you love the fresh-baked bread, but on the other, you don't eat enough to get through the loaf before it turns into something out of a science experiment. On the other hand, you have some name brand supermarket stuff from the Nixon administration that's still "fresh," but un-tasty. We're slow on the uptake, but freezing the fresh stuff works better than fine. Just make sure to wrap it up tight before socking it away.

As Jason Kottke pointed out I knew about Keller's sign language but I didn't know she could talk! (via gulfstream)

Otter Cliffs

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Anne on her way up. Me from afar:

The second afternoon climb up the Precipice was too hard and high up to take the camera. A great day thanks to Eli at Atlantic Climbing School.