Newspaper Front Pages

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I still find front pages one of the best way to understand the day's news. It's irritating that no major newspaper has found a way to replicate this on their web pages. They're all to interested in churning content. The NYT's Times Reader is as close as I've found to replicating the paper newspaper experience while also allowing the constant updating of the web page. But to get an early morning idea of how the papers are seeing the world, I check out the Newseum's front pages. Here's the Times and Post.

The only downside to the Newseum site is that I can spend a lot of the morning checking out the front pages of papers all over the country.

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The offers an e-edition that's an online view of the print paper. In the past, they offered a free preview of the above the fold content, so basically what you'd see in a newspaper box. However, that seems to be gone now.

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