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Wait, you can write songs by email?
Great Times story about him.

She was 32 when this iconic picture was taken. 

I always thought she was much older. Seven children and living on the roadside, sometimes with no more than a quilt, will do that to you.
"Hoover deeply believed in the Efficiency Movement (a major component of the Progressive Era), arguing that a technical solution existed for every social and economic problem. That position was challenged by the Great Depression, which began in 1929, the first year of his presidency."

Hoover entry.
Amazing pictures that will one day be on one of those inspirational posters with the word "courage."

I would post a picture of my room at the Hudson hotel but my room was too small to take out my camera and still stand in the room. My point is not to complain-- I could, but that's tedious. It's just that I've often marveled what people will do for fashion-- walk on 7 in. heels, wedge themselves into trousers that are too small. I have now had the hotel version of that experience. I had no choice. Someone else booked the hotel, but after staying there I'm concerned that fashionable people must be awfully tired.

Story here.

Photograph by Karen Tumulty, Time magazine.